Donna Wannop’s Approach to Coaching

Coaching is all about change and improved performance. It helps high potential lawyers successfully develop their practices, differentiate and position themselves in their chosen areas of specialty, and generate a solid and profitable client base.

Different lawyers have different strengths, skills, personalities, interests and objectives: accordingly the roads to success in the practice of law are many. Through the coaching process, Donna helps lawyers understand which road to take. Her approach is non–formulaic: it is completely flexible in terms of substance and structure. In each case the coaching process is designed to fit the individual lawyer and his or her needs, rather than trying to force the lawyer to “fit” into a program or system. This approach ensures that the sessions are meaningful, relevant and productive.

Donna does not issue technical instructions, nor does she tell a lawyer what to do. Rather, she guides her clients through a process that allows them to explore ideas and address issues. It is the lawyer who is ultimately responsible for decision making. Donna helps lawyers make the choices that best fit them, and that they feel comfortable with and positive about. It is the lawyer who decides what they are willing to commit to in order to improve their own performance and they remain in control of their own plans and activities.

Donna provides objective, non–judgmental input, guidance and support. She helps the lawyer discover what will work for them, and helps them understand how to access and apply their own unique talents, skills and resources. The sessions provide an opportunity for lawyers to focus on whatever they most need to address. The objective of the process is to help the lawyer move toward his or her goals, and to work in ways that are more positive, productive, interesting, satisfying and rewarding.