During the past 10 years, executive coaching has become the training method of choice for developing the capabilities of high–potential performers. The increasing use of one–on–one coaching as a management tool has been driven by the recognition that it is by far the most effective method of improving executive and professional performance.
Lawyers are intelligent, strong–willed, determined individuals who tend to be self–driven and who work independently. They function best when they are in control of their careers and practices, and when they make their own decisions.
Coaching is all about change and improved performance. It helps high potential lawyers successfully develop their practices, differentiate and position themselves in their chosen areas of specialty, and generate a solid and profitable client base.
In each case the coaching process is designed to fit the individual lawyer and his or her needs, rather than trying to force the lawyer to fit into a program or system. This approach ensures that the sessions are meaningful, relevant and productive.
Different lawyers have different strengths, skills, personalities, interests and objectives: accordingly, the roads to success in the practice of law are many. Through the coaching process, Donna helps lawyers understand which road to take.